Medicuscurat, naturasanat (lat. Medicine cures, nature heals)
Hippocrates, IV century BC.

Dikoros – a company owned by corporate group Absolute Nature –commands huge popularity and well-deserved reputation among true lovers of high-quality natural alcohol-free drinks. The company has been a long and consistent force in the international market with proven track record.

Our mission is to promote a healthy lifestyle and improve eating habita by offering high-quality natural products and drinks free of chemically synthesized colorants, filling agents, flavor enhancers, flavoring agents, emulsifiers, stabilizers and GMOs.

We specialize on production of directly-pressed juices and drinks from freshly cultivated wild and garden berries, birch juice, specially prepared alcohol-free drinks and children’s festive drinks.

Production takes place at several Dikoros enterprises located in ecologically clean areas in Germany and Estonia. We are extremely careful and meticulous when it comes to assessing and choosing raw materials suppliers to ensure high quality final products.

Our production process is strictly based on international standards on food safety management such – FSSС 22000 (ISO 22000-2005 and ISO|TS 22002-1). Dikoros production technique consists of an in-house approach, which enables us to preserve natural tastes, vitamins and minerals in juices, drinks and other products prepared from wild berries and herbs.

Dikoros products are sold via retail distribution chains in many EU countries, including Germany, Latvia, Estonia and Finland, and a range of CIS countries. Our geographic sales market for Dikoros non-alcoholic sparkling wine and juices is expanding year after year.

Our product quality is regularly recognized through numerous awards at international competitions and exhibitions dedicated to food, drinks and production raw materials.

Customer feedback, opinions and wishes have always remained our main quality criterion at Dikoros. The company always considers these feedbacks in our production process to ensure that we remain on top, be very competitive, and develop further according to the current global market standards.


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How to become a partner

Any legal entity that meets the following conditions can become a distributor:

  • presence of skilled sales team;
  • availability of a warehouse facility with the necessary storage conditions;
  • a dedicated representative within the area assigned to the distributor;
  • provision of after-sales service;
  • product promotion services at the assigned area;
  • adherence to recommended retail prices;
  • implementation of approved procurement plan.